What is school management system?

A school management software is the best online tool to manage your school database. Every school use school software to control the student details and every department worksheet. To begin with, proper management of time along with an effective and an error-free atmosphere, school management software leaves all the traditional techniques far behind. This is the best way to manage your homework system, holidays, fee and time table for each and every student of class. Teachers can also submit online report of homework completion and this will be notified to parents through notification.

Safe and Secure

students Data and all other information of students and staff are held manually in files. In case of any robbery or an accident like a fire or any such mishap, you are left empty handed with no data with you. In ERP, data is centrally managed and permanently stored on its server which has encryption in its framework for security purposes. School Management Software simply removes the concept of those old big files and folders stored in large cupboards.

Error-free environment

Monitoring the fees payments in the accounts department becomes time-consuming, laboursome and a tiring process for the employees. There are even equal chances of committing mistakes. But ERP software has an automated system with a framework that manages the accounts work automatically, thereby eliminating the chances of error and providing accuracy.

More Flexibility

With time, every firm introduces some new strategies and methods. It is important that the software is capable enough to adapt those new strategies in the framework easily. Else, you’ll be running out to look for alternative software.

Assurance and support

24*7 support system for all school managers. Having a product from a well-reputed company with an easy reach is a must.

Regular upgrades

Another important point to be considered is whether they are providing any updates to the software or not. As the technology gets advanced day after day, it becomes essential to choose a software that works efficiently with it and gets upgraded timely.

These basic modules are

  • Role-based logins (For e.g. teachers, admin and principal etc.)
  • Student Database Management
  • Staff Database management
  • Class, sections and subject structure definition
  • Fee Management System (Optional yet recommended)
  • Attendance and Leave Management (Optional)
  • Timetable Management (Optional)
  • Payroll Management (Optional)
  • Parents online interface (Optional)

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